A comparison of IncFile and Northwest Registered Agent

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A comparison of IncFile and Northwest Registered Agent

There is currently a deal available where Northwest will form your LLC for $39, which is a 60% discount. Please refer to the details for more information.

If you're trying to choose between IncFile and Northwest Registered Agent for your LLC formation company, it can be a bit confusing. However, we're here to help! Take a look at our comparison guide below to figure out which company is the best fit for you.

LLc service providers offer similar services, but it's important to consider factors beyond price. User experience, including website friendliness and customer support, are also important. We tested the websites of IncFile and Northwest Registered Agent and contacted their customer support teams multiple times to assist you in choosing the best company to form your LLC.

When comparing IncFile to Northwest Registered Agent, we examined 10 different features of their business formation services, including their respective values. Northwest prioritizes customer privacy protection, while IncFile emphasizes affordable business services.

Based on their simple pricing, privacy protection, and top-quality customer support, Northwest is considered the best choice for small business owners starting a Limited Liability Company (LLC) compared to IncFile.

Is Northwest the best? Yes, Northwest offers competitive prices and excellent customer service.

Take advantage of the 60% discount at Northwest Discount.

About IncFile

IncFile is a company that specializes in LLC formation and also provides Registered Agent services.

They provide services for compliance, such as LLC Annual Report filing, as well as other business filing services like DBAs and trademark applications.

IncFile, established in 2004, has aided in the creation of over 500,000 businesses. Their main focus is assisting small business owners and primarily provides features for individuals starting new businesses.

About Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent is a business that has been operating for over 20 years.

In addition to being a reputable Registered Agent service and business formation company, Northwest also provides LLC formation services and assistance with other business document filing.

Northwest has offices in all 50 states, making them capable of assisting you with your business needs regardless of your location. Additionally, Northwest boasts a committed team of subject matter experts who sincerely value their customers.

Comparison of LLC formation services: IncFile versus Northwest Registered Agent.

What is included in the Basic LLC Package?

We examined the features included in the basic LLC formation package at each company. Additionally, what other benefits are provided besides the actual filing of the Articles of Organization with the state?


The basic package, known as the "Silver" package, includes a complimentary name search and one year of free Registered Agent service. There are no additional services included.

Northwest Registered Agent

The basic package includes access to customer service, as well as:

You will receive one year of free Registered Agent service.

We provide a service that sends annual report reminders at no cost.

an Operating Agreement template

a bank account resolution

LLC Membership Certificates

There is a free trial available for VoIP phone service.

IncFile offers three different packages: the Silver package, which is free (excluding state filing fees), the Gold package for $149, and the Platinum package for $299.

The Silver package offers great value as it includes LLC formation, a free year of Registered Agent service, and no service fees. Only the state filing fee needs to be paid.

The Gold package offers great value with its variety of extra features. However, the Platinum package may not be worth it as it only includes contract templates and a business website domain name, which are not included in the Gold package.

Northwest provides LLC formation service for $100. However, LLC University® users can avail a discounted rate of $39 plus state fees.

There is a 60% discount available if you use a special link. Additionally, you will receive a Northwest discount.

Read our Northwest Registered Agent review to understand why Northwest is ranked as the top choice.

Northwest offers a single LLC formation service package without unnecessary bundled items. Competitors often include extra services that can be done at home for free or are unnecessary. We question if these extra items are added to justify higher prices for their packages.

Northwest offers the option to pay for your LLC formation in monthly installments rather than in one lump sum. If you choose to pay monthly, you will be charged $47 upfront, and Northwest will divide their service fee and the state filing fee into monthly payments.

Additionally, by choosing the monthly payment option, Northwest will provide your business with a free EIN number. Along with this, you will also receive other services such as an Operating Agreement and a complimentary year of Registered Agent service.

LLC Service Turnaround Time

IncFile guarantees to file your documents with the state within one business day, which is considered one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

According to multiple customer reviews online, there are claims that this statement may not be accurate and that IncFile had a lengthy processing time for their filings.

Northwest claims that they process orders on the same day they are submitted. They will contact you to confirm the details of your submission, though this call may occur on the next business day if you submit your information on a weekend or in the evening.

Northwest, like its competitors, offers the option to pay for expedited filing through the state in order to obtain faster approval, with the added cost of the state expedited fee.

Northwest Registered Agent has the fastest turnaround times, which is why.


IncFile provides a range of upsells for your new business, including both DIY options and professional services for certain business filings.

If you are in need of these items, IncFile may provide good value.

$99 Business License Search

The DBA (Fictitious Name) filing costs $99.

$199 Trademark application filing

Northwest offers some additional items for sale, but they are not intrusive or annoying with their offers.

Some of the additional products include DIY options such as requesting an EIN for your LLC.

Northwest also provides specialized business document services for transportation (trucking) and telecommunications registration. These services are unique and crucial for those in these industries.

There are differences in the services offered by IncFile and Northwest, as well as similarities. Both companies have competitive prices.

Language:  Honesty

The refund policy of IncFile contains some language that may be misleading, and it is not explicitly state which companies they collaborate with for specific features. It would be preferable to have clarity regarding the potential sharing of our information with other companies.

Northwest maintains clear, concise, and friendly language on their website. They provide helpful tips to explain their products and services. However, locating the prices for certain services on Northwest's website can be challenging until you proceed to the checkout.

The reason is that Northwest Registered Agent uses clearer and friendlier language on their website.

The customer service staff is known for being helpful and knowledgeable.

IncFile offers both phone and email support. When we contacted customer service representatives, they were helpful and honest, although they did not provide additional advice. They did, however, accurately address our inquiries.

Northwest provides both chat and phone support, both of which are of high quality.

Northwest representatives are knowledgeable experts who can provide answers to any inquiries. We consistently observed that Northwest reps offered additional information and guidance, ensuring a thorough explanation.

Simple Sites

The user experience provided by IncFile offers a straightforward process for forming a business, allowing you to easily place your order. It is appreciated that they display a real-time price based on the add-ons you choose.

The user dashboard of IncFile is well-organized and user-friendly, making it convenient to order other filings or find documents.

Northwest's website has a simple and streamlined design, with a clear focus on LLC formation and Registered Agent Services. This makes it easy to navigate and find the specific service you need, without any unnecessary distractions.

Once you have formed your LLC, the user dashboard provides a well-designed and engaging experience. It allows you to easily access your approved LLC documents and view any mail received for your LLC through Northwest Registered Agent.

Comparison of IncFile and Northwest: Registered Agent Services

Price Per Year

IncFile charges $119 per year for Registered Agent services, which is considered to be an average price in the industry. It is worth noting that IncFile offers a free year of Registered Agent service with any LLC formation package.

Northwest offers Registered Agent services at a cost of $125 per year.

Additionally, Northwest has strategically placed their offices in convenient locations in order to help customers save on publication requirements and other state fees.

Northwest offers privacy protection by allowing you to use their address on state filings. Unlike other companies that charge a fee for this service, Northwest includes it for free as part of their Registered Agent service.

When forming an LLC with the state, an address is necessary. Northwest offers the option to use their address instead of your home or office address, which helps maintain the privacy of your address and reduces spam and junk mail.

The prices of both companies are similar, but Northwest offers additional services that make them the preferred choice for Registered Agent service.

Mail forwarding and service of process are offered.

IncFile scans and uploads any legal mail they receive for your LLC. They provide an email notification for any new document, which can be accessed on your account dashboard.

Northwest scans and uploads legal mail that is sent to your LLC, and you can access these uploads on the same dashboard where you find your other Northwest documents, such as the LLC approval letter.

What is the reason for both companies offering the same service type?

Which company is better, Northwest Registered Agent or IncFile?

When comparing Northwest Registered Agent and IncFile, Northwest emerges as the preferred choice.

IncFile is a viable option for LLC services. The Silver plan includes a complimentary year of Registered Agent service and IncFile does not charge service fees. However, there is a concern that individuals may opt for the basic (free) package and incur additional costs for upsells.

On the other hand, IncFile's customer service may have room for improvement and their refund policy is known to be quite strict.

Northwest Registered Agent is known for their excellent customer service and expertise in the industry.

Furthermore, Northwest prioritizes customer privacy by ensuring that addresses are not included in public records and that customer data is not sold to third parties.

Northwest Registered Agent is a preferred company that offers budget-friendly options without the need for additional features or upgraded packages.

We have been using Northwest for our LLCs for many years and we highly recommend their services.

Northwest Registered Agent is a highly recommended option for LLC formation. They offer comprehensive services for a fee of $39 plus state fees.

Selecting the right LLC formation service is crucial for entrepreneurs starting their business journey. In the quest to choose between IncFile and Northwest Registered Agent, a multitude of factors come into play. While price is significant, it's equally essential to consider customer support, service inclusivity, user experience, and privacy protection.

After a detailed evaluation of both companies, Northwest Registered Agent emerges as the preferred choice for several reasons. Their simple pricing structure, robust customer support, emphasis on customer privacy, and comprehensive service offerings create a compelling case for small business owners seeking reliable LLC formation assistance.

Northwest's straightforward pricing, offering an LLC formation package at $39 plus state fees (with a 60% discount), coupled with a complimentary year of Registered Agent service, presents an attractive proposition. Their commitment to customer privacy, efficient service delivery, and a dedicated team of experts further solidify their position as a top-notch LLC formation service provider.

While IncFile offers competitive pricing and a range of additional services, Northwest's emphasis on simplicity, customer-centric approach, and privacy protection sets them apart in the realm of LLC formation services. For those prioritizing a seamless experience, reliable support, and a comprehensive package without unnecessary add-ons, Northwest Registered Agent stands out as the optimal choice.

Hence, for entrepreneurs seeking a trustworthy, budget-friendly, and efficient LLC formation service, we highly recommend considering Northwest Registered Agent as the preferred partner in establishing your business endeavors."

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