Filing Annual Reports in Florida: A Guide

July 11, 2023
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Filing Annual Reports in Florida: A Guide

Annual reports are a crucial aspect of running a business. In the state of Florida, the Sunbiz Annual Report is an essential document that must be filed with the Division of Corporations each year. This report provides important information about a company's ownership, management, and financial status. It is essential to file this report on time to avoid penalties and maintain good standing with the state.

The Sunbiz Annual Report is a requirement for all business entities registered in the state of Florida. This includes corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and other types of business entities. The report must be filed annually and contains information such as the names and addresses of the company's officers and directors, the company's business address, and the registered agent's contact information.

Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are considered public records. This means that they can be released to the public in response to a public records request. However, there are specific rules regarding the release of e-mail addresses for business entities. E-mail addresses are not automatically included in the public record and must be requested specifically.

If a business entity wants to keep its e-mail address private, it can file a request with the Division of Corporations to have it withheld from public records. This request must be submitted in writing and must explain why the e-mail address should be kept private.

In addition to the Sunbiz Annual Report, there is also the option to file an amended annual report. This report is used to update information that was previously filed in the original annual report. If there are any changes to the company's ownership, management, or other pertinent information, an amended annual report must be filed. Failure to file an amended annual report can result in penalties and potentially jeopardize a company's good standing with the state.

The Division of Corporations in Florida is responsible for maintaining the state's business entity records. If a company needs to contact this office, there are several methods available. They can be reached by phone or in writing. The mailing address for the Division of Corporations is 2415 N Monroe Street Suite 810.

If someone wants to request public records from the Division of Corporations, they can submit a public records request. However, it is important to note that electronic mail should not be used to submit this request. This is because e-mail addresses are public records, and submitting a request via e-mail could accidentally release private information. Instead, a public records request should be submitted in writing.

In conclusion, the Sunbiz Annual Report and the amended annual report are essential documents that must be filed each year in Florida. Business entities should be aware of their filing requirements to maintain good standing with the state.

E-mail addresses are considered public records under Florida law, and special care should be taken when requesting or withholding this information. The Division of Corporations can be contacted by phone or in writing, and public records requests should not be submitted via electronic mail. By following these guidelines, companies can ensure compliance with Florida law and protect their private information.

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