How to make Money Using Discord for Business

April 17, 2023
How to make Money Using Discord for Business

If you have ever used Discord, you will know it is a fantastic communication platform that connects gamers around the globe, enabling them to chat and connect while playing games.

But did you know that you can also start using Discord for business as a viable way to make money online?

Below we will talk you through everything you need to know and how you can start pulling together a Discord Business model which allows you to monetize your engagement on the platform. But first, let's get to the basics.

What is Discord?

Discord is an increasingly popular platform developed out of chatroom culture, where people play online games and talk to each other online. Teams can play together to enjoy multiplayer games or solo while engaging and entertaining other people in the chat.

There are now diverse types of discord servers with different topic channels - you can find a channel devoted to playing games, old movies, or music, for example. The varieties of topics, audiences, and approaches are endless.

With your own Discord channel, you can build a community of like-minded users from around the globe who are interested in the same topic and enjoy hearing your take on it. The emphasis is on building a strong community of followers you will engage with and enjoy engaging with you.

Can You Make Money On Discord?

Building on this community culture, you can develop a Discord business model that will let you earn money while devoting time to a passion, hobby, or area of expertise. But you will need to devote the time and effort into developing quality content that a community can be built around and then make sure to cultivate followers, so they stick around long term. You will not make money on Discord if you are not providing your followers with something of value - be that entertainment or information.

Savy users will recognize a cash grab from a mile off, so make sure you work to provide a valuable "product" to your community.

Using Discord for Business - The Essential Statistics

Discord has a huge audience and functionality level, but not many people uninvolved in the community seem to understand how much potential there is for business. But along with other popular social media such as TikTok and Instagram, this platform offers plenty of money-making opportunities to those willing to take advantage of the huge audiences.

- Up to 250,000 discord members can be contained on one server. That is a lot of potential customers!

- You can have up to 25,000 people in your channel chat. Again, that allows for a lot of money-making potential!

- Diversify your content by creating up to 500 channels on one server , allowing you to niche down and create content for target demographics.

- Promote your Discord business model by linking it to your social media and YouTube channels.

How Do You Start Using Discord For Business?

Unfortunately, you cannot earn ad revenue as you would with other social media platforms, but there are other viable ways to make money on Discord.

Share Affiliate Links.

Build authority within your niche, whether this is gaming, music, or any other subject which may garner a sizeable audience. Give them valuable free content, display your expertise, tell them why they should listen to you on this subject, and interact with your audience.

Once you have built a healthy community of followers who trust your judgment and are engaging with your brand, you can approach related companies to broker affiliate deals. Then share an affiliate link with your discord community, and you will receive a commission for every sale the company makes.

But you should make sure to only link up with quality companies and products; your community is likely to drop off if you are shilling them sub-standard items!

Sell Your Own Product Directly

You can add to your revenue streams by using Discord to promote and sell your own products. Again, you will need to take the time to add value and entertainment to your channel. The key is to make your selling seamless and ensure that it is not the main focus of your channel. You want to build a community, and you will need to focus on cultivating this before anything else.

Promote An Online Course

Are you an expert in a particular area? Do you excel in productivity? Are you a coding master? Are you a financial wizard? Why not start a Discord channel devoted to giving fee tips, hacks, and hints on this subject? Then once you have developed a community of people who value your advice, offer a paid online course that delves deeper into the subject.

Create Patreon Subscriptions

If you consistently offer something of value to your audience for free, you can ask them to support your channel by becoming a Patreon subscriber. If your content is valuable enough, plenty of people will be happy to support you. And you can entice their subscription by offering benefits and perks only available to Patron subscribers.

How to Make Money on Discord by Building a Community?

So, you have your idea and are ready to get started, but how do you build a community on Discord? Here are some key tips to keep in mind:

- Value Above All. You need to give your followers a reason to tune in. Constant selling is not going to do that. Produce content that is valuable and entertaining.

- Promote Your Channel. You will need to put in the effort to promote and build your community and use other social media and YouTube as well.

- Cultivate Your Community. Once people start appearing in your streams, do not ignore them. Instead, engage and chat with people and let them know how happy you are that they are there!

- Create a Recognisable Brand and Team Spirit. Come up with a name for your channel, a logo, and an aesthetic that matches the products you eventually want to sell. You might also develop a team name for your followers, enabling them to identify with you, your channel, and your brand.

Takeaway - How to Make Money Using Discord for Business

Discord is currently one of the most underutilized platforms for making money online. And as you can see above, despite no ad revenue, there are plenty of diverse ways to use it for business. So, get started on your plan today, and you can earn money before you know it!

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