How To Use Sunbiz Entity Search To Find Business Information

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How To Use Sunbiz Entity Search To Find Business Information

If you're looking to gather information about a particular business in Florida, Sunbiz Entity Search is the perfect tool for you. Sunbiz Entity Search is an online database provided by the Florida Department of State that allows users to access a wealth of information about registered businesses in the state. You can search for information on various registered businesses in Florida, including corporations, LLCs, limited partnerships, and S-corporations. Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to research potential competitors or a consumer wanting to verify the legitimacy of a company, Sunbiz Entity Search can provide you with the information you need. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use Sunbiz Entity Search effectively:



Access the Sunbiz Entity Search Website: 

Visit the official website of Sunbiz Entity Search by typing "Sunbiz Entity Search" into your preferred search engine. Click on the first link that appears to be directed to the Florida Department of State's website.


Familiarize yourself with the search options: 

Once you're on the Sunbiz Entity Search website, you'll notice several search options available. These include searching by entity name, officer or registered agent name, and document number. Choose the search option that best suits your needs.



Enter the search criteria: 

Enter the relevant search criteria into the designated search box. For example, if you're searching for a specific business, enter the business name. If you're searching for a specific individual associated with a business, enter their name. Make sure to input the information accurately to ensure accurate search results.

Looking for an LLC in Florida.

The SunBiz website provides various search options within the "Corporations, LLCs, LPs, and Trademarks" category. Users have the ability to search using the following criteria:

  • Name
  • The officer or registered agent is responsible for fulfilling legal obligations.
  • The name of the trademark or its owner.
  • FEI/EIN or Document number
  • Please provide your zip code or street address.
  • Understanding the Search Results

    After conducting a search, you will receive important information about the business, including:

  • Document number
  • FEI/EIN number
  • Date filed
  • Status (active or inactive)
  • Principal and mailing address
  • Please provide the registered agent's name and address.
  • Annual reports
  • Last event date
  • Member information and titles

     Refine your search: 

    If you receive too many search results or if the search results are not specific enough, you can refine your search by clicking on the "Advanced Search" option. This will allow you to narrow down your search by specifying additional criteria such as entity type, location, or status.

    If you do not find an exact match, you can scroll backward or forward using the "next list" and "previous list" buttons. This will display all names indexed before and after the names on the current page. By clicking on any of the names, you can access more detailed information about the business and its registration.


     Review the search results: 

    After submitting your search, you will be presented with a list of businesses or individuals that match your search criteria. Take your time to review the search results and click on the specific entity that you're interested in for more detailed information.


     Explore the business information: 

    Once you've selected a specific entity, you will have access to a range of information about that business. This includes the entity's registered address, filing date, status, officers or registered agents, and any filed documents such as annual reports or articles of incorporation. Take note of the information that is relevant to your research or inquiry.


     Download or print documents: 

    If you need to keep a record of the information you found, Sunbiz Entity Search allows you to download or print documents directly from the website. This can be particularly useful if you need to provide evidence or documentation for legal or business purposes.

    Steps to form an LLC in Florida.

    Filing Articles of Organization

    To establish a Florida LLC, individuals are required to file "articles of organization" with the Secretary of State's office and pay a filing fee of $155.

    Creating an LLC Operating Agreement.

    An LLC operating agreement is necessary for all Florida LLCs as it outlines the business arrangement between owners and managers, ensuring a seamless operation. It is important to note that the operating agreement does not need to be filed with the Secretary of State.

    Acquiring the required licenses and permits.

    New businesses are required to obtain all necessary licenses and permits in order to operate legally. These may include a business license, federal employer identification number, seller's permit, or zoning permit, depending on the nature of the business. It is crucial to thoroughly research and acquire all required licenses and permits for the specific industry to prevent any potential legal problems.


    Understanding Florida LLC Requirements

    Annual Report Filing

    Every year, it is necessary for Florida LLCs to submit an annual report to the Secretary of State's office. This report should be filed on the LLC's anniversary date and requires a filing fee of $138.75.

    The average time it takes to form an LLC.

    The processing time for forming an LLC (Limited Liability Company) in Florida varies depending on the package chosen, with a range of three weeks to as little as one business day.

    The taxation and reporting of LLC income.

    Income from an LLC(Limited Liability Company) is reported on members' individual tax returns. Active members of an LLC may be required to pay self-employment taxes on the profits they receive, which can vary based on their level of participation in the company.

    Registering an Out-of-State LLC

    If you choose to establish an LLC in a state other than where your business will operate, you may be required to complete additional paperwork and incur additional fees in order to meet the qualifications for conducting business in Florida. This process, known as "foreign qualification," usually entails obtaining a certificate of authority from the Florida Secretary of State.

    The process of closing an LLC in Florida.

    To complete the closure of your LLC, you will need to submit a certificate of cancellation and, in certain situations, a certificate of dissolution to the Secretary of State. This procedure guarantees that your LLC is formally terminated and no longer bound by state regulations and obligations.

    Receiving Final LLC Documents

    Once all necessary steps are completed and the required fees are paid, the final LLC documents will be sent to you via email. These documents usually consist of a personalized operating agreeement and instructions for any further steps required to complete the dissolution of your LLC.


    A guide on naming your business or LLC in Florida.

    Jeff Bezos chose the name "Amazon" for his online marketplace. The creators of Airbnb came up with a name that makes you feel at home. Naming your business is important in Florida. Research shows it takes five-seven impressions for someone remember a brand. It only takes seven seconds for someone form an impression of your brand. Choosing the right name can greatly impact your success.

    Types of Business Names

    To start, it is important to have a clear understanding of the various categories of business names. These categories include:

    • Descriptive names are used to specify the product or service, making it easier for customers to understand the purpose of the business. For instance, "Florida Furniture Store" is an example of a descriptive name.
    • Suggestive names use connotations to establish a brand experience and create an emotional connection with customers. For example, a furniture store could use the name "Comfort Haven."
    • Examples of arbitrary names are those that have no specific connection to a company's activities, such as "Zynga" for a gaming company.
    • Acronyms are utilized to abbreviate lengthy names, such as "IBM" for International Business Machines.
    • Names based on other languages often incorporate connotations from foreign languages, like "Casa Bella" for a store that sells home goods.

    Techniques for generating business names through brainstorming.

    To generate possible business names, utilize the following brainstorming techniques.

    • Create a list of words associated with your business without any need for filtering.
    • Consult a thesaurus to find synonyms or related words in order to broaden your range of options.
    • Online tools, such as BrandSnag's Business Name Generator, can offer you more name suggestions.


    Factors to consider when selecting a business name

    When choosing a business name, it is important to consider these key factors.

    • Select a name that accurately reflects your brand's core values and resonates with your target audience.
    • When selecting a name, opt for one that has significance and is simple to recall and spell.
    • Choose a name that is suitable for logo design and other branding elements.
    • When choosing a name for your business, it is important to follow the specific naming rules for different business structures and ensure compliance with the regulations in Florida.
    • You can check the availability of your desired domain name to use for your website.
    • Ensure that your business name does not violate any existing trademarks.
    • Consider the potential for scalability when choosing a name, taking into account future business growth and expansion.

    The process of developing a distinctive value proposition.

    Including terms like "furniture" or "home goods" in your business name can effectively communicate the products and services you provide to customers.

    Popular Business Name Styles

    Here are some commonly used business name styles to consider.

    • These names straightforwardly indicate the nature of the business, such as "Florida Plumbing Services."
    • These names combine familiar words in unique ways, like "Blue Ocean Marketing."
    • Including the owner's name in the business name can add a personal touch, such as "Custom Cabinetry by John."
    • The names used are entirely new and unrelated to the business, such as "Zazzle" for an online marketplace.

    Common errors to be mindful of when choosing a name for your business.

    To ensure the longevity of your business name, it is advised to avoid these common pitfalls.

    • Names that are difficult to spell can pose a challenge for customers when trying to remember and locate them online.
    • Be mindful of choosing a name that allows your business to grow and evolve without restrictions.

    Business Naming Trends

    Some recent trends in business names include:

    • Short branded names are either made-up words or generic words that are easy to remember, such as "Uber" or "Spotify."
    • Names that evoke nostalgia or tap into specific emotions, such as "Vintage Vinyl Records".

    Guidelines for Naming Business Entities in Florida

    In Florida, there are specific naming requirements for different business structures.

    • Sole proprietorships and partnerships should include the owner's name, such as "Smith's Landscaping Services."
    • C-Corps and LLCs are not obligated to have names based on the founder, which allows for greater flexibility and creativity.

    Trademarks and Business Names

    Trademarks have an important role in safeguarding your business name. To secure a trademark for your name, it is necessary to use it in your business operations and prominently display it on all products available for purchase. However, acquiring someone else's trademark is a legally intricate and costly procedure, involving the purchase of all assets or product lines associated with the trademark.

    Modifying a Business Name in Florida.

    Changing a business name can be a complex and expensive process. It involves notifying the IRS, applying for a new EIN, and updating licenses and permits. Therefore, it is important to carefully choose the right name from the beginning.



     Using Sunbiz SOS Business Search is a convenient and efficient way to gather business information in Florida, including conducting a business name search. By following these steps, you can navigate the website with ease and find the information you need. You can search for various registered businesses in Florida, including corporations, LLCs, limited partnerships, and S-corporations, thereby gaining insights crucial for understanding the market landscape. Whether you're a business professional, investor, or simply curious about the companies operating in Florida, Sunbiz SOS Business Search is a valuable tool that can help you make informed decisions. By leveraging this resource along with the comprehensive guide provided, you'll be better equipped to navigate the world of Florida LLC lookup, business name registration, formation, and ongoing maintenance. Staying informed and up-to-date on Florida's regulations, particularly through Sunbiz SOS Business Search, can significantly contribute to ensuring the success and longevity of your business venture in the Sunshine State.

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