Incfile Review

November 1, 2022
Incfile Review

If you are recently starting up your Limited Liability Company , you will want to keep your formation and administration costs as low as possible. Using an LLC formation company such as Incfile that offers free features and services is a terrific way to do that.

But what do you need to know before you get started? Read our IncFile review below to learn if IncFile LLC Formations is the right choice for you.

What Do You Need to Consider When Choosing an LLC Formations Service?

Before we get started with our Incfile Review, we should first think about exactly what you will be looking for in an LLC formation service. This will help you to judge whether the Incfile LLC packages are the best fit for you.

  • What Services Does This Company Offer?
  • Does this LLC Formations Service Offer An Affordable Pricing Structure?
  • What Support, Guidance and Information are available with your Package?
  • How Long Does the Process Take to Complete?
  • What is the Customer Support Like with This LLC Filing and Formations Company?
  • What do Previous Customers and Reviews Say About The Service?

Incfile Review - Is This the Best LLC Formations Service For You?

Below we will judge LLC Filing and Business Filing Services against these criteria so that you are in a better place to judge if this is the best service for you.

What Services Does Incfile Offer?

IncFile offers LLC Formation, Compliance, Start-Up, and Registered Agent Services to help business owners get started, ensure they adhere to business regulations and organize their business administration.

Here are some of the services the company can provide:

Some of these services come with the LLC Service free package; others come with their paid plan options. Your decision about which plane is best for you will depend on how much support you think you need and your budget constrictions. (Remember you will need to research your state filing fee and factor this into your overall costs for LLC filing!)

Does this IncFile Offer An Affordable Pricing Structure?

As mentioned above, IncFile LLC Service offers three different packages for business owners, these range from $0 for the basic plan to a $299 one-time payment for the Platinum Package. The amount you pay will be reflected in the number of services your business entity will benefit from.

IncFile Silver Package - $0

When you start an LLC with the Silver Package from IncFile, you will receive the following services:

  • Preparation and Filing of Articles for your LLC Organization
  • An Unlimited Number of Name Searches
  • A Free Registered agent for a year
  • Customer Support via phone and live chat.

If you and your LLC members are looking for a basic level of support to allow you to file your LLC quickly and compliantly,this may be the best option for you. However, if you need more support and legal advice about your LLC Filing, you can always upgrade for access to the more detailed services in the Gold and Platinum Packages.

IncFile Gold Package - $199 One-Time Payment

When you use the IncFile LLC Filing Gold, you will use the services detailed above and some more involved features to support your LLC formations.

  • EIN Business Tax Number Service
  • Support with IRS Form 2553
  • Operating Agreement Service
  • Banking Resolution Service and Consulting
  • Lifetime Alerts for your Company
  • Access to an Online Dashboard
  • An unlimited amount of Customer Support by Email and Phone
  • Business Bank Account Service
  • Consulting on your Business Tax Status and Filings

If you are a new sole proprietor with limited experience in adhering to legal regulations and compliance with business tax requirements, then this package can help to support you as you start an LLC. You can make sure that you are on the right track and do not neglect any areas in your business setup.

IncFile Platinum Package - $299 One-Time Payment

If you select this package, you can use all of the services available on the Silver and Gold Packages as well as the following:

This package will allow you to benefit from an extra level of support and quick service and get you started with your online business visibility and communication.

What Support, Guidance and Information are available with your Package?

IncFile LLC Resources have a wide range of supportive resources available for their users and dedicated customer support you can contact online or over the phone whenever you have questions or run into trouble. Their guidance resources include:

  • A Business Name Generator
  • A Free Business Set-Up Guide
  • Information about LLC filing in your state
  • Guidance on getting a Business License
  • Tips on Growing Your Business
  • Guides on what to do after you have formed your LLC

IncFile offers a great deal of supportive information on LLC formations, which is available on the site for free! So, you should head to their website to check out all the available information.

How Long Does the Incfile Process Take to Complete?

Setting up your account with LLC formations and Business Filing Service is quick and easy. You should accomplish the initial setup in a matter of minutes. Here is the process.

  • Decide on the Appropriate Business Entity Title for your Organization - LLC, C-Corporation, S Corporation, or a Non-Profit
  • Choose the Best Package for your Needs - Silver, Gold, or Platinum
  • Complete the online forms to tell IncFile about your business
  • Complete Payment and Access Your Online Dashboard and Services
  • Complete A Business Name Search to make sure Your LLC Formation's Name is available
  • Your Articles of Organization will be Prepared So They Are Ready to File
  • When your Documents are Filed, they will be available from your Online Dashboard. You will receive a notification when they are available

LLC formation filing and document completion are out of your hands so you can concentrate on other aspects of your business setup during this incredibly bust initial period.

What is the Customer Support Like with This LLC Filing and Formations Company?

You can access customer support for your LLC formation either online or by phone. And there is plenty of supporting information in the site's resources section. Reviews by previous customers praise the helpfulness and speed of the customer service and the accessibility of service agents.

And after you have completed your LLC filing, you will receive an email from IncFile with further information about setting up your business and how to grow your organization.

What do Customers and Reviews Say About Incfile?

IncFile LLC Formations Service currently has an impressive 4.7 on Trust Pilot with 5,837 reviews - 84% of which are 5-star reviews. Here is what customers are praising in their reviews.

  • The LLC Formations Service is Easy to Use and Uncomplicated compared to Other Services
  • Packages are Affordable, and You Get a lot of Services for your payments
  • IncFile takes care of the Filing so you can concentrate on other aspects of your business
  • The Service Provides Lots of Information about Starting a Business
  • Lots of Helpful Benefits and Additional Services

Summary: IncFile Review - Is This the Best LLC Formations Service For You?

IncFile could be the perfect choice if you want to keep the costs of filing LLC formations down to the absolute minimum.This company will allow you to get started filing your business entity completely free (you only need to pay the cost that your state charges for LLC filing.)

And if you are looking for more comprehensive business support, the Gold and Platinum Packages may be perfect - the wealth of services and benefits makes them well worth the one-off price.

So, when researching your best LLC formation options, IncFile LLC filing services should not be ignored!

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